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Jan. 2020

Training session for Daiwa’s business partners (Osaka)

Daiwa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. held training sessions for pharmacists and healthcare advisors at Takatsu Garden on December 8, 2019.

This was a training session to provide the latest, useful information to pharmacists and healthcare advisors in the Osaka area. In the session, Takao Enju (Enju Traditional Chinese Medicine Pharmacy) gave a presentation about traditional Chinese medicine, nutritional science, and functional food, which were useful for health promotion. The practical use of BioBran, as a kind of functional food material, BioBran was introduced. The latest studies about BioBran and NKCP were also reported. The session attracted many participants and received favorable comments.

Daiwa will continue to make efforts to provide the latest information to our partners.

大阪勉強会(秋) ①大阪勉強会(秋)②

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