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Jul. 2015

Academic Presentation: Food Beyond Science and Technology (Korea)

Masahito Hitosugi M.D., Ph.D., (Professor, Department of Legal Medicine, Shiga University of Medical Science,) gave a presentation about NKCP as an invited speaker at Food Beyond Science and Technology (Busan, Korea). This symposium was an annual meeting of “Korean Society of Food Science and Technology”, and it was held at BEXCO (Busan Exhibition & Convention center) from June 3 through 5, 2015. About 2,500 medical specialists and researchers joined this event this year.

Dr. Hitosugi gave a presentation titled “Effect of Bacillus Natto products on blood pressure and subjective symptoms in patients with lifestyle diseases”, introducing three functions of NKCP including thrombolytic, blood viscosity reduction, and anticoagulant effects, along with the latest clinical study about the effect of NKCP on lifestyle-disease patients.

The lecture attracted many participants, and it was followed by an active question- and- answer session.

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